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Visibility: We write professional profiles with popular, relevant skills that enhance your ranking in LinkedIn & Google search
Job Search: A great LinkedIn public profile or online resume is critical to being
noticed by hiring managers and job recruiters
Personal Branding: Great professional profiles portray a premium status with your business network & professional colleagues
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A Sample of Our Thousands of Profile and Resume Writing Customers. We Have Clients from 200+ Industries in 30+ Countries.


summary recommendationsThe screenshots of sample LinkedIn profiles on this webpage are our clients and have provided written permission to have their personally identifiable information displayed solely for the purpose of promoting our services. With the average job tenure only a few years, each of us needs to create and promote our own personal brand. It’s critical to have a digital resume optimized with targeted, relevant text and images at the top of the hiring managers inbox. Combine the increase in visibility of your skills with a large professional LinkedIn social network and you have a virtual career engine working for you 24/7/365. Job searching is outdated. Savvy career planners know that you attract new jobs, sales leads and consulting opportunities by being proactive and getting noticed through a keyword friendly, digital portfolio of your career accomplishments. If you are not branding yourself, human resource managers now view your skills as “out of touch” – not good in a competitive employment arena.

Most people don’t know that LinkedIn profile optimization can increase writing Testimonials their prominence in Google and Linked In search results. Think of your digital profile as a website. You have heard of website Search Engine Optimization, LinkedIn SEO is the same concept for personal branding. Dress for digital success in the online career world that is the LinkedIn social network.

Our Expertise: The key to a great professional profile is a team of writers who have decades of business experience, allowing them to infuse the optimal skills and keywords into your profile. The samples above are a testament to our skills at writing for even the most complex careers in engineering, information technology, law, medical, military, banking or even college students.

We hope this page inspires you with great LinkedIn profile summaries. As the leading LinkedIn writing service we can help you or your organization promote your expertise for a job search, personal branding or sales leads. Maybe one day you can be displayed on this page as a good LinkedIn profile example. Contact Us.

Additional Testimonials

David, Technology Sales Executive, Boston
Selling in the SaaS, Cloud computing market requires connecting with a lot of tech savvy executives. Karl Berkoben was a master at turning my brain dump of skills and experiences into a digital resume that I am proud to use as a lead generation tool. I receive a lot of compliments on the summary and headline areas. I had no idea that social media for business could be effective at driving business development.”

Dane – Military / DOD, Washington, D.C.
“I was transitioning out of the military and looking for a civilian job as a pilot. I really had no idea where to begin. Carol created a great resume, and then modified it for LinkedIn. Within 2 weeks I was getting calls from airlines looking to recruit pilots. The combination of my online resume and paper resume helped make my career transition easier than I expected. I strongly recommend Carol’s writing expertise.”

Madeline – Medical Device Sales, Washington, D.C.
“Hiring Karl was a great decision. His writing was the key to me obtaining interviews and ultimately a new job. I consider myself a good communicator and thought I had a decent online representation. However, I did not understand the power of the online resume until Karl’s words went live. Wow! I immediately started to get several calls a week from recruiters. I recommend people take advantage of Karl’s expertise – he provides a good value and results.”

Paul – Insurance Business Owner, San Diego
“I had no idea business social networking so influential until I tried this. Karl, Chris and the team worked with me to create a summary and details that highlight my expertise. They created an awesome design that clearly portrayed my accomplishments. I just wanted to look good, but my page actually generated leads and donations to my organization. I recommend them for a job search or sales leads.”

Derek – Corporate Sales Executive, Columbus
“I highly recommend the team to anyone who needs to have their online resume updated. Based on the work he had done for me, I was able to find a new position in my field in less than six weeks. In today’s market, it’s important for a sales manager to have a professional appearance and links to their products on the web. It’s a smart move. I wish I had done it sooner.”