LinkedIn Skills List: Top 100 For 2014

on November 5th, 2012

With the LinkedIn Endorsements feature, it seems logical that the internal search algorithm will start to rank profiles by a combination of “popularity of skill” and “volume of endorsements”. It is critical for job searchers and business pages to determine good skills to list on their profiles so they can add relevant and popular skills to order to increase visibility. The objective being to place at the top of LinkedIn and Google search results for your skill. The maximum number of endorsements any skill can receive is 99.

LinkedIn does not provide a list of the most popular LinkedIn skills & expertise. However, we determined 90 of the top 100 in November, 2012 – below are the top 10. To see the list of 90 of 100 in Excel, pay $10 using the button below and the list will automatically be sent to you – no waiting. Although the rankings have changed, its still accurate to what we see writing profiles as of February 2914. Skills ranking is now hidden so this is the most recent list available.

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Linkedin-skills-list-top-most-popular-examples-2012 top 10

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Karl Berkoben
Karl Berkoben
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