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Starting a new job search in Pittsburgh requires more technology sophistication each year. Historically, the Pittsburgh Post Gazette job classifieds was the key source. Then came CareerBuilder, and However, in recent years the LinkedIn professional network has become a preferred source of premium jobs. LinkedIn jobs lists over 70,953 career vacancies in the Pittsburgh area, with many paying over $100,000 — as of December 2017. One of the advantages of business social media is the ability to see how you are connected to job recruiters or hiring managers at the organization you are seeking for employment. You can then send your contact an email and connect with them — from within the website. This method requires that you have an outstanding LinkedIn professional profile that increases your ranking on Google and LinkedIn search results. Click here to get started on your resume.

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Read more from LinkedIn’s Workforce Report for the United States for October 2017. Regardless of what part of the Three Rivers area you reside — Mt Lebanon, Cranberry, Shadyside, Monroeville, Oakland, Canonsburg, Sewickley or anywhere in western Pennsylvania — you need a premium resume, online profile and cover letter if you are going to complete a successful job search. We have specific expertise in the following industries: banking, finance, technology, healthcare, robotics, marketing, communications and education. However, we have completed hundreds of profiles, resumes, and cover letters for any industry or function. Click here to get started on your resume.



For over a decade we have been helping Steel City professionals with their job search. We are a top-rated resume and LinkedIn writing service on Yelp, Google and the Better Business Bureau. We know what job recruiters want. Our expert writers will polish the presentation of your skills and accomplishments. We create profiles with in-demand, relevant words that increase your visibility. Below is an example of our resume and profile writing services. The path to achieving career success is as long and winding as the road through Schenley Park. You need an ongoing update to your skills and accomplishments. We are among the best resume writing services in Pittsburgh listed on Yelp. We look forward to helping you achieve your career goals in healthcare, technology or wherever your talents take you. Grab a coffee and then Click here to get started on your resume. Lets work together to help you achieve your career goals. Then celebrate with a Pirates game at PNC Baseball Park.  We are locaed in th eSquirrel Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh, PA. Email us by clicking here or call us at 412-467-6941.